Thursday, January 17, 2008


Nearly four years ago, I purchased the Logos Bible Software for my computer. It was good stuff, and it saved my butt a time or two in my Greek Exegesis class. Well, my Greek years are over (for now, anyway), and my Logos software is unfortunately buried on the hard drive of an utterly useless PC (AKA Piece o' Crap) laptop. However, the legacy of Logos lives on in my life (try saying that ten times fast) in the form of these pesky little emails that get sent to me every couple weeks letting me know what great new addition I should purchase for my Logos software. I'm sure there's a way to unsubscribe to these emails, but after four years I'm starting to think that maybe I just appreciate the fact that Logos is looking out for my every exegetical need. Anyway, today in my inbox I received an email from Logos entitled "Last Chance: John Piper Collection (24 Volumes)." 24 freaking volumes of Piper...and I had better hurry because this was my last chance to get in on this incredible offer! That's when I thought to myself, "I'm glad that God has predestined me to add all 24 volumes of the Piper Collection to my list of THINGS I'LL NEVER BUY!!!!"