Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fun Nights!!!

Thursday nights around here have been appropriately deemed "Fun Night." Every week, two different team members are the hosts for the week, and one of their responsibilities is to create a fun activity for Thursday night. A few weeks ago, our fun night activity was a "dance off" between the four dorms. To add to the chaos that came with a dance competition, teams were encouraged to dress up in crazy costumes. Here's a picture of me chilling with some of the guys...and yes...these are all GUYS! Thought you might get a good laugh out of this. Enjoy! 

Sabin (Congo), Vusi (Zimbabwe), AC to the Max, Nic (South Africa), and Anthony (Malawi).

I'm Alive!!!

I recently received an email from a friend back home. He didn't even write anything in the email, but the subject line on the email simply read, "Are you still alive?" That's when I realized that I have not communicated with all of you back home in a REALLY long time. I apologize for that...things have been a bit crazy around here, and they are about to get even more crazy! 

This morning we are heading off the farm for a week of practical ministry. We have been split into three teams that will head into three different local communities. My group is heading for a local ghetto called Duduza, where we will be doing some street ministry, sports ministry, and a VBS for the kids. I'm excited to get my hands dirty in practical ministry again and to get to know some new people.

Thanks for all of your prayers and support! Sorry for the lack of communication, but I'll be sure to send out a more in-depth update after this week!


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bush Challenge Champs!

One rainy day early on in training we did a bush challenge. We hiked out into the bush, were given a map, and we had to follow a series of clues all over the place. After wading through a river, scaling the side of a steep mountain, and hiking through an abandoned mine shaft, about four hours later here were the bush challenge champs!