Friday, July 31, 2009

Where in the world is MaxAC?

I apologize for my almost 2-month-long blogging hiatus. This summer--er, uh, winter--has been absolutely packed with new adventures and ministry opportunities. As most of you know, my girlfriend, Adrienne, joined me in South Africa in early June. She has really jumped in and worked right alongside me these past couple months and has been a real blessing. Together, we spent a week working in a local township called Extension 23 with a ministry team that J-Life planted there. We traveled down to Durban on the east coast and spent 10 days encouraging our teams there and spending time with some friends of ours, Josh and Jamie, in Pietermaritzburg. Then, for two weeks, we trained young leaders in short-term missions and led a short-term team into inner-city Johannesburg. This past week we traveled to Swaziland, where we were able to encourage the J-Life staff there and help train some young people in youth ministry. And finally, we spent the weekend camping in Kruger National Park, where we saw lions and tigers and bears, oh my! (minus the tigers and bears). There's so much more to share, but this will have to do for now. Look for more updates and pictures in the near future!!!

Hanging with some of the kiddos at a day care in inner-city JoBurg.